Partner Spotlight: The Flywheel Foundation

Supporting Entrepreneurs Through Education, Investment and Ecosystem Development

The primary focus at the Cabarrus Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is to support the creation of new businesses and the growth of existing small businesses through free or low-cost educational and networking programs, mentor networks, capital access, and events. We do this by collaborating with a dynamic group of partners, who each specialize in supporting entrepreneurs in this region.

One such partner is The Flywheel Foundation, whose mission is to support entrepreneurs through education, investment, and ecosystem development.

The Flywheel Foundation promotes healthy entrepreneurship ecosystems through events, accessible courses, and investment. They accelerate home-grown economic development with diverse pathways for inception-stage and growth-stage startups by partnering with an expanding network of non-profits, economic development organizations, corporations, and investors.

In just five years of operation, the Flywheel Foundation has supported hundreds of founders as they work towards identifying problems in the market and creating unique, valuable solutions. Their network of mentors works to share their own experiences starting companies with the founders in their program while helping them become better at what they do – changing the world around them.

The Flywheel Foundation also runs New Ventures Accelerators, one of the few accelerators or pre-seed investment funds in the Southeast.

You can learn more about The Flywheel Foundation and how they support entrepreneurs in the region at

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