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Photography: How to Use It

You’ve taken that breathtaking shot that everybody needs to see. Now what? If it’s a business photo, you need to get it in front of clients and potential clients. If it’s a personal photo, you want to get it in front of friends and family. Local photographer and business owner Bob Mackowski will teach you how to make sure that it’s seen and that it leaves the right impression. This presentation will touch on social media, blogs, email newsletters, print materials, and more. Speaker: Bob Mackowski   >>...

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Capturing Artistry

Overcoming the challenges of photographing artwork can be daunting. You have to work with lighting, reflections, distortion, editing, and plenty of other problems. This class, designed for artists photographing their own work, will address those concerns and more. Commercial photographer Bob Mackowski works through these situations every day and in this class, he’ll teach you to work through them too. Speaker: Bob Mackowski >> Click here to register for this free workshop

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