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Facebook Shop & Instagram Shop Basics

Happening at the Cabarrus Center: Are you looking to create an online presence through E-Commerce? Whether you are an early-stage entrepreneur or a brick-and-mortar owner looking to transition online, we have the tools for you! In this introductory course we will dive into Facebook and Instagram shops while discussing their benefits and features. We will use real-life shops to demonstrate how to set up products, market those products, and what to do once you have sold those products. What is Facebook and Instagram...

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Photography: How to Use It

Happening at the Cabarrus Center: You’ve taken that breathtaking shot that everybody needs to see. Now what? If it’s a business photo, you need to get it in front of clients and potential clients. If it’s a personal photo, you want to get it in front of friends and family. Local photographer and business owner Bob Mackowski will teach you how to make sure that it’s seen and that it leaves the right impression. This presentation will touch on social media, blogs, email newsletters, print materials,...

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DIY Food and Product Photography

Happening at the Cabarrus Center: Nobody is going to eat food that looks unappealing or buy a product that looks bad. Learn to take quality photos of whatever you’re selling, whether it’s a culinary masterpiece or a product that solves all of the world’s needs. In this class, we’ll be discussing light boxes, lighting, backgrounds, framing, and composure. Commercial photographer Bob Mackowski creates photos like these for his clients, and in this class he’ll teach you how to do it without his help. Speaker: Bob Mackowski >>...

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Content Marketing: What’s Working Now

Happening at the Cabarrus Center: Just “doing” social media is no longer enough. The free ride is over. To be successful, you need to be all in. We’ll be talking about what’s been successful (and unsuccessful) for everybody in this roundtable-style gathering and then brainstorm creative ideas to move forward. Commercial photographer and marketing expert Bob Mackowski will share the latest research on what works and, perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t work. Speaker(s): Bob Mackowski >> Click here to re...

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